Do you have other branches?

We only have one outlet situated at 24 Reen Avenue, Athlone Industria 1, Cape Town.

Are your spices pure?

Yes, our spices are 100% pure. We source the Dhania (Coriander) seeds, Jeera (Cumin) seeds, Barishap (Fennel) seeds from India along with the Chilli Powder and Turmeric Powder. The seeds are then grinded and the powders are used to create our various blends. We don’t use fillers in our blends in order to bulk up the quantity. Some of our blends to contain some salt as needed.

Do spices expire?

Yes. They should be used within a year.


Environmental factors do have an effect on the shelf life of spices. Heat, Humidity, Sunlight and Moisture can affect the shelf life of spices as these factors may cause the breakdown of the flavor compounds over time. Eventually the spices will lose flavor and colour.  Store your spices in air-tight containers in cool, dark places and they’ll last longer. Do not pour your spices directly from the container into the pot, the heat or steam will affect the texture of the spice and may result in clumping of the spice in your jar.

What is the difference between Basmati Rice and Jasmine Rice?

Jasmine Rice originates from Thailand. The Jasmine Rice grain is plump, elongated and has slight rounded ends. When cooked, the Jasmine Rice is slightly moist and clumps together. Jasmine Rice, as the name suggests, has a light floral aroma when cooked

Basmati Rice originates mainly from India and Pakistan. The grains of Basmati Rice are longer, slender and have sharper ends when compared to Jasmine Rice. Once cooked, Basmati Rice has a more nutty flavor and aroma when compared to Jasmine Rice. Basmati Rice usually gets bigger once cooked. The grains remain separated after cooking and the rice is much drier than Jasmine Rice.

Do you sell herbs and spices for medicinal use?

While we are aware that herbs and spices can be used medicinally, we are a speciality foods store and recommend that our products be used for cooking.

Do you sell spices at a wholesale price?

We have a wholesale division and we are more than able and willing to supply your business or store with the same quality of spices and herbs you expect from Spice City. We are able to offer you our spices, herbs, rice and pulses at competitive prices. Contact for further details.

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